NTIA Offers Latest Figures on BTOP Achievements

As of the end of March, 182 of the 224 Broadband Technology Opportunities Program projects overseen by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration remained in active status, NTIA said in its latest quarterly status report on the program to the Senate and House Appropriations and Commerce committees. During the second quarter of fiscal 2013, BTOP recipients added 6,500 additional network miles for a total of more than 93,000 miles, with a goal of 100,000 miles by the end of fiscal 2013.  During FY13 Q2, BTOP recipients also connected about 1,800 community anchor institutions, for a total of 14,000 institutions, with a goal of 20,000 by the end of FY13.  By the end of the quarter, recipients had installed a cumulative total of 42,000 work stations at public computer centers, already passing the FY13 goal of 40,000 work stations.  Sustainable broadband adoption projects reported nearly 540,000 households and 4,800 businesses subscribed to broadband through the end of March, with a goal of 600,000 combined households and businesses by the end of FY13.