Public Safety Advocate: Week of September 13, 201

First Appeared, Fri Sep 13 11:45:56 2013
Public Safety Advocate News-Patterns Weekly News Summary
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FirstNet is filling out more full-time positions in their top management and will be gearing up for even more full-time positions at multiple levels. If you are interested in getting involved with FirstNet keep your eyes open for their job postings here:

Other news of importance includes AT&T’s latest reversal on providing devices to cover more of the 700 MHz band and make it easier for the smaller network operators to gain access to a wider verity of 700 MHz LTE devices.

FirstNet names Casey as chief of staffUrgent Communications via Google Alerts
Sep 10 14:56 … to lead the efforts associated with building a nationwide broadband network for …

AT&T move could mean far more useful 700 MHz spectrum here, via Google Alerts
Sep 12 18:56 “AT&T, for its part, has committed to investing considerable time and resources to the modification of its 700 MHz LTE network through the implementation of a

FirstNet Deputy GM Kennedy discusses outreach, innovationUrgent Communications via Google Alerts
Sep 12 16:57 Public-safety communications veteran TJ Kennedy last month was hired to be …

AT&T Agrees to 700 MHz InteroperabilityDailyWireless
Sep 12 15:16 AT&T has agreed to bring interoperability to the lower 700 MHz band, the company said in a statement. “AT&T, for its part, has committed to investing considerable time and resources to the modification of its 700 MHz LTE network through the implementation of a newly-standardized software feature. That effort will allow AT&T’s network to support […]

Public safety broadband network awarded $872,000 grant | Hawaii …Karin via Google Alerts
Sep 12 02:56 Public safety broadband network awarded $872,000 grant …

Research and Markets: The 700Mhz band – A New Harmonised Frequency Band for LTE?Business Wire
Sep 11 15:23 DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “The 700Mhz band – A New Harmonised Frequency Band for LTE?” report to their offering. This insight focuses on the adoption of the APT plan for the 700 MHz band. It summarises the situation of the first and second digital dividends for each geographical area. – Will this frequency band be harmonised for LTE services? – Will Europe adopt this plan and

FirstNet extends spectrum talks with Texas, Harris County | Public …Google Alerts
Sep 10 18:56 Public Safety Broadband/FirstNet …

FirstNet investigation ongoing, initial report nearing completionFierceBroadbandWireless via Google Alerts
Sep 12 23:56 The thorny issues threaten to taint FirstNet’s oversight of the planned nationwide public safety broadband network (NPSBN) and the potential federal contracts

INTEROP-7000 via Google Alerts
Sep 12 18:55 Raytheon’s INTEROP-7000 also positions public safety to become part of the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet). FirstNet will provide the first

Net Neutrality Wrecking Ball May Be in MotionE-Commerce Times
Sep 12 15:00 A federal court this week heard oral arguments in Verizon’s battle with the FCC over Net neutrality. The FCC’s position is that the Internet depends on openness, which has driven jobs and innovation, and that prior to its issuing the Open Internet rules, several broadband access providers had blocked or degraded service, threatening the engine that drives investment in broadband facilities.

AT&T’s John Donovan Talks LTE-A, 700 MHz InteroperabilityWireless Week via Google Alerts
Sep 12 14:57 AT&T’s LTE-Advanced upgrade is ready to go, making faster speeds and capacity that come with network features like carrier aggregation a reality in the near

AT&T Completes Acquisition of 700 MHz Spectrum from Verizon Wireless to Support 4G LTE3G Americas
Sep 12 09:03

Verizon, FCC Feud Might Spur More ISP-Friendly RulesInvestor’s Business Daily
Sep 12 07:00 Incoming Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler could be forced to rewrite the agency’s Internet rules if a U.S. appeals court prunes back — but doesn’t gut — the FCC’s regulatory authority, in a closely watched case brought by telecom leader Verizon Communications. Under a rewrite scenario, Wheeler likely would give broadband services providers more revenue-making options for delivering Web content over their networks. Some of

AT&T’s Donovan: Work with Qualcomm, network vendors made 700 …Google Alerts
Sep 11 22:56 AT&T worked with Qualcomm and its network vendor partners to implement a 700 MHz interoperability solution that will allow the carrier to support Band Class

Verizon, Federal Judges Challenge FCC Open Internet Order …Google Alerts
Sep 11 20:56 A panel of judges suggest that the Federal Communications Commission may have overstepped its authority in issuing rules to prevent broadband providers

Dish proposal hints at plans to deploy LTE across 700 MHz E Block …FierceWireless via Google Alerts
Sep 11 17:57 Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) filed a new proposal with the FCC that the company …

AT&T promises to make its LTE phones interoperable with the small carriersGigaOM
Sep 10 20:55 After years of arguing, AT&T has agreed to close down its boutique LTE band and play nice with other operators in the 700 MHz frequencies. This doesn’t end the interoperability problem, but it’s a start.

1 Billing Code 3510-60-P DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National …Google Alerts
Sep 10 16:57 SUMMARY: The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will convene a meeting of stakeholders from the education, technology,

Qualcomm | RedStateGoogle Alerts
Sep 10 16:57 Eyeing Wireless and Broadband Opportunities amid FCC Pain Points. By: Chris Versace (Diary) | September 10th at 10:03 AM |. Joining me on PowerTalk to

The Future of Broadband, Security and Privacy for LGBT CommunitiesHuffington Post via Google Alerts
Sep  8 10:55 … address by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Ajit Pai. …

1 Before the Federal Communications Commission … – NPSTCGoogle Alerts
Sep  6 16:56 for the Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN). 1 Public Notice FCC Provides Opportunity for Comment on First Responder Network Authority Filing in PS

AT&T Completes Acquisition of 700 MHz Spectrum from Verizon …Wall Street Journal via Google Alerts
Sep 10 18:56 AT&T has the nation’s fastest and now most reliable 4G LTE network, according to …

Verizon’s Net Neutrality Battle With the FCC Not About Free SpeechTheStreet
Sep  9 14:00 Verizon is fighting to charge broadband hogs like Netflix and YouTube, according to an analyst