NPSTC Submits EMS Broadband Application List for Submission to FirstNet’s PSAC

The NPSTC Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Working Group has submitted a list of current and conceptual broadband applications at the request of the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC).  StarOfLifeLogo

The list contains desired applications, ranked from high to low priority, with a description of the app, whether it is conceptual or available, if it can be used off network, and a use case to explain the need and benefit of the application.   An example of a high priority app is Speech to Text, Integrated Patient Care Record, which is conceptual currently, while another high priority app is Video Assisted Patient Care, which does exist today.

The FirstNet Board asked the PSAC to develop a master document of applications for use by law enforcement, fire/rescue and EMS. The EMS Broadband Applications List (on NPSTC’s website) will be merged with a larger list of all public safety groups, currently under development by the PSAC.  When complete, the public safety applications will be submitted by the PSAC to the FirstNet.