NTIA Working with States on FirstNet Planning

February 28, 2014

by Stephen Fletcher, Associate Administrator of the Office of Public Safety Communications

As part of our efforts to help ensure the success of the nation’s first nationwide public safety broadband network, NTIA this week hosted the first of two workshops to help states and territories provide input and prepare for the launch of the First Responder Network Authority’s (FirstNet) network.

This week’s workshop, held in Atlanta for Eastern states, allowed attendees to meet with FirstNet officials on the progress of state consultation and planning for the public safety network. A second workshop is scheduled for March 11-12 in Phoenix for Western states.

NTIA launched the State and Local Implementation Grant Program (SLIGP) last summer to provide grants to states and territories to support planning, consultation and outreach activities in preparation for the launch of the FirstNet network. NTIA awarded more than $116 million in grants to assist states and territories in planning for the FirstNet network.

In addition to providing a forum for state and territory officials to interact with FirstNet staff, the workshops allow states to discuss how planning is going, to learn from each other on stakeholder outreach and governance structures, and to develop regional connections and collaboration. At the same time, NTIA officials provide grant recipients with information on how to ensure they comply with conditions of their grant awards.

States and territories will be key to the success of FirstNet, and NTIA is working hard to ensure they have ample opportunity to provide valuable input on the development of the nation’s first public safety broadband network.