DHS Showcases Lightweight Firefighting Glove

Designed using current technology and improved materials, the Improved Structure Firefighting Glove is lightweight, provides improved fit and form, and allows for more precise movements. http://www.dhs.gov/st-snapshot-improved-gloves-enhance-safety-first-responders

firefighter gloves 2014 0429Firefighters wear protective gloves called “structure gloves” to keep their hands safe on the job. The protective equipment firefighters wear—including structure gloves—give them the confidence to focus on putting out fires and saving lives; however, the structure gloves currently used by firefighters are not designed for the precision movements our first responders must perform.

“Firefighters have been using bulky leather structure gloves for many years,” said Greg Price, director of Responder Technologies, a division within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate (S&T). “The new tools firefighters use in the field enhance their mission, but the gloves haven’t updated with the technology.”

While there are many different types of structure gloves available, none fully satisfy modern firefighters’ needs. Today’s compact tools often have small buttons that require nimble movements. Bulky gloves can make it difficult for firefighters to complete simple tasks without removing their gloves and compromising their safety.

Firefighters need gloves in the field that fit properly, enable dexterity, and aren’t bulky, while still meeting the heat and water resistance criteria. If structure gloves become soggy and uncomfortable, a firefighter may need to remove them in order to complete tasks. This exposes their hands to the dangerous conditions of a fire or other emergency environment.