PSAPs Can Request Largest Wireless Carriers to Makes Changes to Allow Text to 911

Starting today, public safety answering points can request that the four largest U.S. wireless carriers make the necessary network changes to allow text-to-911 services within their areas, pursuant to the text-to-911 agreement reached among public safety interests and the carriers.  During a conference call today, Brian Fontes, chief executive officer of the National Emergency Number Association, explained that after PSAPs make such a request, carriers will have up to 180 days to work with that requesting PSAP to provision texting to 911 in a format the PSAP has requested.  Mr. Fontes noted that some carriers have already implemented changes in their networks to enable text-to-911 before today’s deadline, and some PSAPs already support text-to-911 service. Source: TRDaily, May 15, 2014