Test Your GPS Receivers at White Sand Missile Range in March 2015

The 746th Test Squadron (96th Test Group) is planning its next White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) NAVFEST event in March 2015.  Specific dates will be announced in the near future.   WSMR NAVFEST 2015 will be conducted at the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), New Mexico.

The overarching objective of WSMR NAVFEST 2015 is to provide a low cost opportunity for users to operate their own air platforms, test their own Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, collect their own data and train their own personnel in a GPS – Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) environment.  Conventional threat (CT) and Emerging Threat (ET) effects will be produced using the 746 TS ground-based Portable Box Jammers (PBJs) and new High Power Jammers (HPJs).  Airborne jamming assets are planned to be used during WSMR NAVFEST.

The cost to participate will depend on how many customers / platforms commit to attending.  No hard commitment is required at this time.  Please reply by 30 Jul 2014 with your level of interest stated as: Probable, Possible, or Not Interested.  Feel free to forward this announcement to other potential participants.  If you do forward this announcement, please Cc: Lt Sung Yi, James Manns, and Lt William Warren so we can track all potential current or future NAVFEST customers.