DHS Science and Technology Snapshot: SWAMP Is Open and Ready for Business

S&T Snapshot: The SWAMP: A Key Resource in Improving Software Assurance Activities

The Software Assurance Market Place, or SWAMP, is an online, open-source, collaborative research environment that allows software developers and researchers to test their software for security weaknesses, improve tools by testing against a wide range of software packages, and interact and exchange best practices to improve software assurance tools and techniques.

“The goal of the SWAMP is to aid in the development of a healthier and safer cyber environment, and that starts with creating better quality software,” said Kevin Greene, Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate, Cyber Security Division, SWAMP Program Manager. “We’re doing something unique, we’re providing software developers the opportunity to test software and leverage multiple software analysis tools together in one space to improve the accuracy of their results.”