European Parliament Committee Clears Deal on ‘eCall” System for Vehicles

The European Parliament’s Internal Market Committee voted 30-1 on Thursday to endorse a plan to implement “eCall” automatic emergency calling technology in vehicles in amended form with additional data protection provisions.  The plan would use the “112” number to automatically call emergency services from vehicles involved in accidents.  It would require all new car models to be equipped with eCall technology by March 31, 2018.

The draft law’s data protection clause was amended to prevent tracking of eCall-equipped vehicles before any accident occurs.  Under the amended draft, the automatic call would give emergency authorities only basic data on the class of vehicle, type of fuel used, time of the accident, and exact location.

The amended draft also bars emergency centers or their service partners from transferring data to third parties without explicit consent of the individual involved.  In addition, manufacturers will have to ensure that eCall technology enables “full and permanent deletion of data gathered,” the committee said.

The draft law needs to be formally approved by all EU member states, followed by Parliament as a whole.  The final vote is expected to occur in March 2015. – Brian Hammond,

Courtesy TRDaily