NASCIO: Cybersecurity Tops Lobbing Priorities This Year

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers said today that cybersecurity, and in  particular securing public networks, is the group’s top federal advocacy priorities for 2015.  Also among the group’s list of most important advocacy topics are modernizing federal regulations that impact state information technology infrastructure, building “a sustainable nationwide public safety network,” and engaging on a host of broadband-related topics including promoting broadband connections for schools and libraries, and proposed changes to the 1996 Telecom Act.

“Cybersecurity is a critical concern and priority for state CIOs,” said Stuart Davis, NASC IO’s president and also chief information officer for the state of Ohio. “Our nation must do more to combat the asymmetrical, sophisticated threats our government networks face on a daily basis.”  He said NASCIO will be seeking more resources and collaboration with the federal government on cyber-threat data sharing and response, and making sure that states have access to cybersecurity professionals and advanced tools. – John Curran,

Courtesy TRDaily