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What is the National Conversation?DHS Conversation 2015 0113

The National Conversation on Homeland Security Technology is a series of online and in-person discussions designed to get people talking about how to innovate solutions for the Nation’s homeland security challenges. The National Conversation is intended to foster exchange between responders/operational users and innovators to generate sustainable homeland security solutions that will help keep our communities and those who protect them safe and resilient.

What is the National Conversation about?

The National Conversation addresses any issue related to homeland security technology capabilities. Topics include sensors, wearable technologies for responders, multi-directional situational awareness and decision making, cybersecurity, screening, and community resilience.

While you can start a topic of your own at any time, the National Conversation’s structured “dialogues” will address the following five issue areas.

  • Dialogue 1: Responder of the Future
  • Dialogue 2: Enable the Decision Maker
  • Dialogue 3: Screening at Speed
  • Dialogue 4: A Trusted Cyber Future
  • Dialogue 5: Resilient Communities

Each dialogue is comprised of the following phases.

  1. A Q&A phase to clarify operational needs
  2. An Ideation phase for pitching and ranking innovative ideas to meet needs identified during the Q&A
  3. A showcase webinar that will present dialogue highlights
  4. A potential Inspiration Awards competition

Why is the National Conversation so important?

First and foremost, successful innovation in the area of homeland security means safer, more resilient communities. Each of us not only plays a key role in achieving success, but we are also consumers. The safety of ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities is a shared responsibility.

DHS S&T hopes that the National Conversation will help:

  • Clarify operational user needs and use cases;
  • Inform and educate industry on user needs, use cases, and science and technology gap areas;
  • Facilitate opportunities for operational users, researchers, and scientists to provide feedback to industry on the viability of innovative concepts;
  • Identify secondary markets by helping industry relate how their solutions and product may have applicability to homeland security;
  • Increase the impact of homeland security science and technology research and development programs; and
  • Organize a network of industry partners with a common mission to establish mutually beneficial relationships and perpetuate continuous innovation of homeland security solutions.

Who should participate, and why?

Everyone! All stakeholders who play a role in shaping the future of homeland security technology should participate. This means responders, operational users, citizens, academia, and industry.

  • Operational users can clarify capability gaps and provide input on the usefulness of technology that is currently available.
  • Industry & academia can obtain a better understanding of operational capability gaps and market opportunities, become better connected, and expand partnerships.
  • Government organizations can take advantage of a new window of opportunity to collaborate, plan ahead, and expand networks.
  • Citizens can provide insight and ideas on how solutions can best support the pace of daily life.

How do you participate?

  • Online—Join us virtually through the S&T Collaboration Community. Q&A and Ideation forums are not facilitated, so feel free to post at any time. The community is active 24/7.
  • Events—Participate in in-person and virtual meet-ups, roundtables, workshops, and webinars.

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