Potential Use of 757/758-787/788 Spectrum for UAVs

Two companies, Access 700, LLC and Select Spectrum, met with FCC officials March 12, 2015 re the potential use of 757-758/787-788 MHz spectrum to support communications with small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).  That spectrum, already licensed to Access 700, LLC, is located between the commercial 700 MHz “C block” used primarily by Verizon Wireless and the public safety 700 MHz broadband spectrum licensed to FirstNet.  These companies are exploring the potential use of 12.5 kHz channels for communications with UAVs, commonly known as drones.   The Access 700, LLC and Select Spectrum ex parte letter summarizing the meeting is available at the following link.  FCC placed the letter on its March 23 Public Notice of ex parte filings.