FirstNet Releases More RFP Answers

The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) released the second batch of answers to questions concerning its draft request for proposals (RFP) and special notice it released in April (TRDaily, April 27). Today’s tranche included answers to 187 questions. Last week, FirstNet released answers to 95 questions (TRDaily, June 11). In all, FirstNet received 670 questions from 52 entities about the draft RFP and special notice, including in writing and during an industry day held last month (TRDaily, May 14). “It’s important to note that the authors of the RFP are the ones answering these questions, and that’s by design. Each answer potentially represents a piece of what may go into the subsequent RFP,” James Mitchell, FirstNet’s senior program manager-operations, said in a blog posting today. “Moreover, we expect these answers to drive some of the comments and capabilities statements we will see coming in towards the end of July. For the next few weeks, FirstNet will continue to post responses on a rolling basis, just like you’ve seen us do so far.”