California Lawmakers Press Kerry on 800 MHz Band

Members of the California congressional delegation have written Secretary of State John F. Kerry to press the department to urge Mexican authorities to implement a 2012 revised protocol governing a realigned 800 megahertz band. A letter from the delegation to Mr. Kerry was dated June 26.

“In 2012, the United States signed spectrum sharing agreements with Mexico to enable advanced public safety and commercial communication along the U.S.-Mexico border. We are concerned about the negative impact of the prolonged delay in implementation of the spectrum sharing agreement on the safety and economic opportunity of Americans living and working along the border,” said the bipartisan letter, which was signed by 35 House members from California. “We respectfully request an update on efforts by the State Department to resolve this issue with the Government of Mexico, including a timeline for its resolution.”

FCC and Mexican officials recently reported progress in a meeting that U.S. officials had with their Mexican counterparts on various spectrum issues, including realignment of the 800 MHz band (TRDaily, June 19). Mexican telecom officials have told U.S. officials that they “will give realignment of the 800 MHz band the highest priority,” a State Department official said recently in response to senators who have expressed concern about the state of the 800 MHz band deployment (TRDaily, May 27).- Paul Kirby,