NGA: Fusion Centers Should Include Cybersecurity Focus

A new paper from the National Governors Association makes the case that governors can promote cybersecurity and improve security capabilities by including cybersecurity in the missions of fusion centers set up following the September 2001 terrorist attacks.  The paper suggests that governors can take several steps to include cybersecurity in the scope of the fusion centers, including:  creating shared cybersecurity missions among homeland security, emergency management, information technology, and law enforcement personnel;  assessing a fusion center’s capabilities to manage cybersecurity missions; develop business and operations plans for fusion centers; and implement strategies to reach out to the private sector to identify information-sharing processes.

“Because of the growing number of threats to our cyber infrastructure, looking at adding or expanding cybersecurity capabilities within fusion centers make sense and provides states an important opportunity,” said Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, in a statement.  “By expanding their role, we protect not only our states’ cybersecurity but the public safety of each of our citizens.”