Charley Bryson’s First Responder News Summary, July 24, 2015

IMPORTANT NOTE TO READERS:  Please note that this may be the last First Responder News Summary pending the proposed sale of RCC Consultants.  If there is interest in continuing to receive this information, I will explore options for continuation.  Comments/suggestions relative to continuation should be sent to  Regardless of outcome, it has been a privilege to provide important public safety and related communications information to those who serve America’s first responders.  Thanks to all of you for your untiring service to your communities and the nation.  God bless each and every one of you.

As a continuing reminder to all 700 MHz Regional Planning Committees, FCC 14-172 requires the revision of RPC 700 MHz channel plans with submissions to the Commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau by October 30, 2015.  The change in date is due to the Commission’s action in DA 15-476.

WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUREAU AND PUBLIC SAFETY AND HOMELAND SECURITY BUREAU SEEK COMMENT ON LAND MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS COUNCIL’S PROPOSED 800 MHZ INTERSTITIAL CHANNEL INTERFERENCE CONTOURS. (DA No.  15-844). (Dkt No 15-32 RM-11572 )  COMMENT DATE: 30 days after publication in the Federal Register.  PSHSB WTB . Contact:  John A. Evanoff at (202) 418-0848, email: or Rodney P. Conway at (202) 418-2904, email: Rodney.Conway@fcc.gov

FCC ANNOUNCES MEETING OF THE TASK FORCE ON OPTIMAL PSAP ARCHITECTURE SCHEDULED FOR JULY 27, 2015. (DA No.  15-846).  PSHSB . Contact:  Timothy May at (202) 418-1463, email: or Dana Zelman at (202) 418-0546, email:

COUNTY OF COLUMBIA, NEW YORK.   Granted the Waiver Request. (Dkt No.  15-72 ). Action by:  Deputy Chief, Mobility Division, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. Adopted:  07/22/2015 by ORDER. (DA No. 15-847).  WTB

AVON GROVE REGIONAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT, APPLICATION FOR NEW TRAVELERS’ INFORMATION STATION AND REQUEST FOR WAIVER OF SECTION 90.242 OF THE COMMISSION’S RULES.   Granted Avon Grove’s request for waiver of Section 90.242. Action by:  Deputy Chief, Policy and Licensing Division, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. Adopted:  07/21/2015 by ORDER. (DA No. 15-782).  PSHSB

In the news – Each week, a wide variety of articles are provided for readers.  While many address contemporary issues in public safety communications, others are provided to describe important new concepts and technologies.  The potential applications may not have immediate use in public safety communications, but readers are encouraged to consider how the concepts embraced in the technologies might be applied to solve our problems in the future.  Also please remember that public safety cast a wide applications’ net and the technologies espoused can relate to law enforcement, fire suppression, EMS, and other first responder as well as critical infrastructure services.

PSCR Seeks New Participants for Pub Safety Broadband Demo Network            <>

FirstNet developing, but deployment still several years away                     <>

South Korea plans to deploy mission-critical PTT over LTE this year    <>

FirstNet Video Discusses Importance of Data Collection <>

Unlocking Interoperability: What It Means For Next-Gen Public Safety            <>

Home Depot’s marketing of RF lighting devices rankles amateur radio            <>

Telehealth app uses radar to link patients to nearest physician                    <>

ALPA president: ‘Please call 911’ on people shining lasers into sky            <>

Honda Unveils Accord with Support for Apple, Android Platforms                        <>

Verizon Builds Driverless Cars Their Own City                                           <>