FirstNet Cites SPOC Progress on Data Collection

The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) said that a recent survey of state single points of contact (SPOC) indicated good progress in collecting data by a Sept. 30 deadline. In a blog posting, Amanda Hilliard, FirstNet’s director-outreach, said that during individual calls last month, “SPOCs were asked to estimate, on a scale of 1 to 5, their progress, with 1 indicating that data collection was in progress and ahead of schedule, and 5 indicating that collection had not yet started and the state would probably not be able to meet FirstNet’s September 30 deadline for submitting data.

“Overall, the majority of SPOCs reported their data collection status between 1 and 2, indicating that they plan to provide data by September 30,” she reported. “Most also reported a high level of outreach and consultation with metropolitan and rural areas within their respective states and territories, with some making direct calls or holding in-person meetings with agencies at all levels of government on the data collection process. Some metropolitan areas in particular have been especially engaged with their state/territorial governments. Many states and territories are focusing their outreach on professional associations, which they are hoping will be conduits for information in both directions.”

Ms. Hilliard added, “Tribal engagement has also been going well on the whole, with the biggest successes seeming to coincide with states working through their governor’s office, whether that be through a preexisting Indian Affairs liaison or on a more ad hoc basis. A few states have asked for additional support from FirstNet, and our tribal liaison Carl Rebstock and his team are working hard to establish and strengthen relationships with tribes and make sure that their interests will be represented in all state plans that are developed.” – Paul Kirby,