800 MHz Waiver Granted to Allow Sprint to Roll Out LTE in Portland

The Mobility Division of the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has granted Sprint Corp. a waiver to allow it to deploy wideband operations at 821-824/866-869 megahertz in portions of the Washington State National Public Safety Planning Advisory Committee (NPSPAC) Region before completion of the 800 MHz band reconfiguration in that region.

“Granting the Waiver Request will permit LTE deployment in the greater Portland metropolitan area, providing Sprint’s subscribers access to these valuable broadband wireless services while protecting the remaining public safety entities from harmful interference,” division Chief Roger Noel said in an Aug. 24 letter to Sprint.  The waiver is conditioned on Sprint’s maintaining a 70-mile co-channel separation between its operations and those of the closest operational public safety site in Clark, Cowlitz, Pacific, and Skamania counties; on Sprint’s providing 30 days’ notice to specified public safety entities still operating in the band; and on Sprint’s immediate suspension of operations under the waiver if it is notified that public safety licensees are experiencing interference.

Courtesy TR Daily