FCC’s Enforcement Bureau Enhances Procedures for Public Safety and Industry Interference Complaints

The FCC said on August 27, 2015,  “In its Field Modernization Order, the Commission directed the Enforcement Bureau (EB) to establish procedures for public safety and industry complainants to escalate their complaints to ensure that EB’s field offices timely respond to these complaints. This Public Notice implements that direction by committing to enhance the Commission’s complaint intake and case management systems. These procedures may be refined based on experience, the Commission’s resources, and other enforcement priorities. We are confident that this escalation process will improve EB’s responsiveness and performance for public safety and industry interference complaints.

Background. Complaints from public safety and industry entities generallyReleased:  08/27/2015.  ENFORCEMENT BUREAU ENHANCES PROCEDURES FOR PUBLIC SAFETY AND INDUSTRY INTERFERENCE COMPLAINTS. (DA No.  15-967).  EB  https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DA-15-967A1.pdf