Have Your Say on NG9-1-1

Canada’s 9-1-1 system will undergo significant changes over the next few years as it evolves beyond traditional voice 9-1-1 networks that have been in place for decades. These advancements are referred to as Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1. We need your input to get a sense of current status with NG 9-1-1 across Canada, and obtain possible future vision for how NG 9-1-1 can roll out.

Help us help your jurisdiction by completing a short survey (about 15 minutes to complete). This survey was developed by the Canadian NG 9-1-1 Coalition. The Coalition is comprised of 9-1-1 experts and representatives at the provincial, territorial and municipal level across Canada.

To complete the survey, please click on one of the links below:

The deadline to complete the survey is September 15, 2015.


Speakers Announced for CITIG 9

The Ninth Canadian Public Safety Interoperability Workshop, widely known as CITIG Nine, is around the corner, and our full agenda is nearly ready for broad distribution. We are compiling a great line-up and can confirm the following speakers:

  • Retired OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis, C.O.M. speaking about leadership in complex times
  • FirstNet’s TJ Kennedy on the public safety broadband efforts in the U.S.
  • Assistant Deputy Minister Stephen Beckett on interoperability in Ontario
  • A case study look at the “Ottawa Shootings” and “Saskatchewan Wild Fire Response”
  • Updates and special guest speakers on key issues such as Next Generation 9-1-1, public safety broadband and cross-border interoperability

Our flagship event occurs from November 29 to December 2, 2014 in Toronto. Limited exhibit spaces and sponsorship opportunities are still available. This event will sell out, so don’t miss out. Visit our event page at www.citig.ca.


How We’re Using Data to Benefit the American People

Six months ago, Dr. DJ Patil joined the federal government as the first-ever U.S. Chief Data Scientist. This morning, he wrote a memo detailing how his team is helping federal departments and agencies to use data to benefit all Americans — in areas ranging from precision medicine to criminal justice — and to use data responsibly.

See what the Chief Data Scientist’s team has been up to, and how their work is helping the American people.

Read the memo here.

A student helps New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison write his first line of code. (Photo by Tyler Gamble of the New Orleans Police Department)

Andy Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate August 21, 2015

BEFORE I even get to the news of the week, if you receive a news article or a link to “The History of FirstNet and the Public Safety Broadband Network” with the site LogDD.com.via DO NOT open it. It will take you to a porn site and could infect your computer or smartphone. Just delete it. Does the fact that the porn industry is now using FirstNet as an enticement to gain customers mean that FirstNet has “arrived” on the Internet? I hope not!

Okay, now on to the REAL news! The APCO 2015 Conference held in Washington, DC is now in the history books and it was one of the best I have been to in a few years. Lots of good sessions, and some were repeated so we could go to all the ones we wanted to attend. FirstNet folks were front and center, and the sessions I went to were very well attended and for the most part, had good content. Congrats to APCO!

Next up is that FirstNet is showing signs of truly becoming the “Independent Authority” residing within NTIA it was supposed to be. The first real signs of this were manifested on Monday when FirstNet announced a new CEO, Mike Post, and that TJ Kennedy will be President of FirstNet. Until now those within NTIA who felt the need to run FirstNet as part of NTIA forbad FirstNet from having either a CEO or a President. I truly hope this marks the start of a new independence from NTIA and the federal government so FirstNet can get on with the business at hand. Congrats not only to Mike and TJ but to the new board members as well, and it is with regret that we say thanks to Tim Bryan of NRTC who was a board member and head of the finance committee, perhaps the most thankless job a board member could have. Tim did not seek re-appointment because he was concerned that moving forward there could be some questions about conflicts of interest since NRTC holds a key (I believe) to FirstNet coverage in rural America. I wish Tim well and thank him for his time on the board. NPSTC has done an amazing amount of work this year.

This all-volunteer organization blends Public Safety with vendors, with federal agency representation, consultants, and others, and turns out an incredible amount of important work that is then forwarded to the Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) for FirstNet and then on to FirstNet with PSAC comments or changes.

The latest NPSTC work is truly another great accomplishment: Public Safety Needs for Priority and Quality of Service in the Nationwide Broadband Public Safety Network (the report is available here: http://www.npstc.org/download.jsp?tableId=37&column=217&id=3515&file=PQoS15_003_PQoS_Definition_v1_4_20150817_GB_APPROVED.pdf ). It is well worth the time to read it. Congrats to NPSTC for another great job!

The last item is to thank AT&T for sponsoring the yearly APCO block party. I am in awe of AT&T and its staff for renting the entire Smithson Aero Space Museum, and the food and beverages never ended. I don’t have a clue what AT&T paid for this event but I enjoyed it and have to believe its support of Public Safety is not only to show its appreciation, especially since the FirstNet RFP is still scheduled for release in December. If any of our readers would like to review the 30 pages of comments I filed on the RFP document, please let me know and I will be happy to send you a PDF copy of the comments. Have a great weekend and week! Andy

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Comment Sought on 900 MHz Petition

The FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau sought comments on a petition for rulemaking filed by M2M Spectrum Networks LLC asking the FCC to permit use of 900 megahertz band business/industrial/land transportation channels to provide for-profit service to entities eligible to use those frequencies. Comments are due Sept. 21 and replies Oct. 6 in Rulemaking 11755.


FirstNet Cites SPOC Progress on Data Collection

The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) said that a recent survey of state single points of contact (SPOC) indicated good progress in collecting data by a Sept. 30 deadline. In a blog posting, Amanda Hilliard, FirstNet’s director-outreach, said that during individual calls last month, “SPOCs were asked to estimate, on a scale of 1 to 5, their progress, with 1 indicating that data collection was in progress and ahead of schedule, and 5 indicating that collection had not yet started and the state would probably not be able to meet FirstNet’s September 30 deadline for submitting data. Continue reading