DoJ Signs off on LightSquared Asset Transfer Petition Conditions

The Department of Justice has signed off on agreement with LightSquared Subsidiary LLC covering a range of law enforcement and national security-related issues, and in doing so has advised the FCC that it has no objection to the Commission’s approving the transfer of LightSquared’s section 214 authorities and mobile satellite licenses through its bankruptcy reorganization plan provided that the FCC condition its approval on LightSquared’s compliance with the Sept. 24 agreement between the company and DoJ.

Ashley Durmer, a LightSquared spokeswoman, commented, “Today’s action moves the process forward another step, and we’re glad to see the Team Telecom review come to a successful conclusion. With no opposition to the application, the Commission now has what it needs to make a decision on change of control. Doing so would result in clear public interest benefits, including enabling significant investment in our nation’s next-generation broadband infrastructure.

Courtesy TRDaily