FCC Will ‘Step in’ if Local Governments Block Tower Siting, O’Rielly Warns

The FCC’s efforts to promote wireless broadband availability will “require cooperation by the local governments,” because “wireless providers are going to need to install thousands of new facilities to provide service,” FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly said today.  “I get the fact that not everyone likes the ascetics of towers but they are a necessity for wireless broadband.

For those local governments that stall or try to block tower siting, know that you will see the Commission step in with appropriate authority to push things forward,” he added. The Commissioner made his remarks at a town hall in Spotsylvania, Va., convened by Rep. Dave Brat (R., Va.).  Mr. O’Rielly noted that he had been a frequent visitor to that part of the state when he worked for then Rep. Tom Bliley (R., Va.) in the 1990s.

Courtesy TRDaily