LightSquared Says It Will Consider ATIS Concerns

LightSquared told the FCC in a filing that it would consider concerns expressed recently by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions regarding the impact of an LTE network on adjacent-band GPS operations used by telecom carriers (TRDaily, Oct. 15).  “First, we agree completely with ATIS that the effect of LTE in adjacent bands on network timing devices is an important one that the industry and the company should address,” LightSquared said in a filing yesterday in IB dockets 12-340 and 11-109.

“Second, the company and the industry have already spent considerable time not only studying the issue but developing solutions that in fact resolve any concerns. … Third, we look forward to further dialogue with ATIS on this matter, and we will undertake additional testing if that is necessary, including as part of the Roberson and Associates testing.”

Courtesy TRDaily