FCC Daily Digest, April 25, 2016

The FCC Daily Digest included the following items of interest:

1) A Public Notice inviting comment on Ligado’s (previously Light Squared’s) request for some modifications to its license application.  Although this PN covers multiple issues, at least one is important to NPSTC-Ligado formally requested to abandon proposed terrestrial use of the 1545-1555 MHz spectrum.  They had informally proposed this before in the test plan, partially in response to NPSTC recommendations.

Click to access DA-16-442A1.pdf

2) FCC issued a separate PN seeking to update the record on Ligado’s/LightSquared’s request that the FCC initiate a rulemaking proceeding to allocate the 1675-1680 MHz band for non-federal terrestrial mobile use on a shared basis with federal users.  This spectrum is currently used by National Weather Service, but the FCC PN points out that those operations are slated to transition to another band.   I Comments are due June 21.