FirstNet Official Details Customer Service Functions

July 1, 2016–Rich Reed, who has been selected as the First Responder Network Authority’s (FirstNet) new chief customer officer, today discussed the functions of the new operation in a blog posting. He said that “with the Nationwide Pubic Safety Broadband Network rapidly approaching reality, we are … evolving the organization so it is in the best position to work with and serve the future users of the network – public safety. 

“To prepare for a customer-centric operating environment, we are re-designing the User Advocacy office to encompass all of our external-facing programs, responsibilities, and activities.  This new component, called the Chief Customer Office (CCO), will be the focal point for our stakeholder interactions and responsibilities going forward,” said Mr. Reed, who has been FirstNet’s director-state plans.

“The CCO will include many of our current User Advocacy programs, such as outreach, consultation, state plans, coordination with the Public Safety Advisory Committee and communications. The office will also encompass future customer service programs that we plan to develop, such as product management, marketing, training, and more,” Mr. Reed added. – Paul Kirby,

Courtesy TRDaily