NPSTC Blasts Federated Proposal

The National Public Safety Telecommunications Council has joined the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International in panning the proposed use of a spectrum access system (SAS) to maximize use of the 4.9 gigahertz band.  In a filing in May, Federated Wireless, Inc., suggested the Commission approve an SAS in the spectrum, saying it would maximize use of the frequencies (TRDaily, May 19). The company pointed out the Commission adopted a three-tiered sharing framework and SAS use in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service in the 3.5 GHz band.

Last month, APCO submitted an ex parte filing criticizing the Federated proposals (TRDaily, June 1).  In a July 8 filing in WP docket 07-100, PS docket 06-229, and WT docket 06-150, NPSTC echoed APCO’s concerns.

“In summary, the primary result of Federated Wireless’ proposal appears to be that public safety would suffer a downgraded second tier status, be required to pay ongoing SAS subscription fees to SAS providers and be saddled with potential contention and interference from consumer and unlicensed WiFi users,” NPSTC complained.

“Instead of building additional confidence in the band as needed, the Federated Wireless proposal moves in the opposite direction. In contrast, APCO’s response to Federated Wireless properly emphasizes the need for frequency coordination at 4.9 GHz,” NPSTC said. “NPSTC’s 4.9 GHz National Plan Recommendations submitted previously encompass frequency coordination to help minimize interference, bandwidth limits to increase spectral efficiency, provisions for new airborne and robotic applications to enhance incident response and opportunities for spectrum access by critical infrastructure industries.” – Paul Kirby,

 Courtesy TRDaiy