Ligado Reply Comment Deadline Extended

The FCC’s International and Wireless Telecommunications bureaus today extended until Aug. 11 in Rulemaking 11681 the deadline for reply comments on Ligado Networks LLC’s request that the agency launch a rulemaking to allocate the 1675-1680 megahertz band for terrestrial mobile use shared with federal government operations. The deadline for reply comments had been tomorrow, but Ligado sought an extension until Aug. 11. “Ligado states that a three-week extension would provide it with more time to understand the concerns of the more than 35 commenters in the proceeding and would provide commenters with additional time to understand the specific proposal in the Petition,” a public notice released today observed. “Ligado also notes that the American Meteorological Society meeting will take place next week. While it is the policy of the Commission that extensions of time shall not be routinely granted, we agree with Ligado that a brief extension for the filing of reply comments will facilitate the development of a complete record. We therefore grant Ligado’s request.”

Courtesy TRDaily