OEC TA Program Schedules RADO and INTD training in August and September

The OEC Technical Assistance program has scheduled technical assistance offerings for RADO and INTD in August and September in the following locations:


  Date              Location         Course

8/9/2016 Texas TRG-RADO All-Hazard Radio Operator (RADO) Training
9/13/2016 Wisconsin TRG-INTD Incident Tactical Dispatcher (INTD) Training
9/13/2016 Oklahoma TRG-RADO All-Hazard Radio Operator (RADO) Training


Members of the Communications Workgroup who would like to attend as an observer are welcome. If you would like to attend, please contact OEC TA at OEC@hq.dhs.gov for further information on the date and location you’re interested in.