Reports Mercedes-Benz App Gives Firefighters 3-D View of Cars

New augmented reality app shows “x-ray” of fuel lines and cables on live vehicles

ATLANTA — If you often find yourself extricating patients from Mercedes-Benz vehicles, a new app can help.

The official Rescue Assist app released by the company can show first responders where it is safe to make cuts into the vehicle. By looking at these diagrams, responders can avoid hitting fuel lines, battery cables or any other components that would affect the safety of the patient or caregivers when cut.

The newest update to Rescue Assist comes with an augmented reality view. Like the “Pokémon Go” app, users can point their phone camera at a real-world Mercedes vehicle and see a virtual overlay of the car on top of the actual image — sort of like an X-ray — that shows the relative location of the vulnerable parts.

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