EMS World Reports: NPSTC Delves Into Prehospital Video for EMS As FirstNet Approaches, by James Careless, Aug 19, 2016

As efforts continue to roll out the FirstNet 700 MHz broadband communications network for U.S.-based first responders, the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC) has been studying which applications would be most useful for EMS agencies (among others).

The fruit of the Council’s latest effort is the recently released NPSTC report, EMS Telemedicine Report: Prehospital Use of Video Technologies. Spearheaded by the NPSTC EMS Communications Working Group (NPSTC EMSCWG), which is comprised of about 80 volunteers from across the EMS sector, the NPSTC Prehospital Video Report is a research-backed, EMS peer-based enquiry into which applications U.S. EMS professionals would find most useful over FirstNet. The NPSTC prehospital video report is available for download here.

“We made compiling and completing this report top priority,” says Paul Patrick, chair of the NPSTC EMSCWG. “With the emergence of broadband communications for EMS via FirstNet, two-way video-based EMS telemedicine (EMST) is a natural application. The question is how to employ it, and which EMST applications make most sense for EMS crews on the road.”

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