NTIA Issues Stakeholder Outreach Toolkit for Community Broadband Projects

August 31, 2016–The National Telecommunications and Information Administration released its latest toolkit to assist communities and organizations implement broadband projects, this one aimed at stakeholder outreach and engagement.  The toolkit recommends a five-step process:  “developing an outreach plan”; “getting to know and understand the needs of stakeholders”; “selecting outreach tactics and tools to effectively meet stakeholder needs and project objectives”; “identifying and engaging with partners that are invested in the project’s success”; and “evaluating the impact of outreach efforts.”

In a blog post, Doug Kinkoph, associate administrator in charge of NTIA’s Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications, said, “Among the most important lessons learned that the toolkit highlights is the need to involve stakeholders at every stage of the process to better understand their needs and expectations and ensure appropriate buy-in from the project’s users.”

The release of the toolkit coincided with NTIA’s latest regional broadband workshop aimed at sharing broadband funding information and “lessons learned” from other projects and programs with community leaders and other stakeholders.  In a keynote address at the workshop in Missoula, Mont., NTIA Deputy Administrator Angela Simpson said that NTIA’s assistance goes far beyond the toolkits to include technical assistance, “workshops like this one today,” and webinars.  “Please let us know what your community needs and our team will do its best to help,” she added. —Lynn Stanton, lynn.stanton@wolterskluwer.com

Courtesy TRDaily