CNET News Reports: NYPD Utilizing Department-Issued Smartphones

CNET News reports the NYPD recently adopted and are making frequent use of department-issued smartphones. CNET News says, “On a single day last week, 5,500 NYPD officers logged in and clicked on 39,000 notifications,” which were 911 calls. The crimes, CNET News says, “that would have just disappeared into the vast void of police reports are being solved more frequently.” CNET News adds that the officers are using to phones to “respond to 911 calls faster, solve crimes more efficiently and create stronger ties to their community.” While the phones have “fancy apps and high-tech additions,” the most important function has been the ability to give people in the community a phone number to call for follow-up incidents. In the future, the Department plans to add apps to the phones that can connect to the “city’s array of security cameras.”