Rivada Won’t Submit Network Bids to Other States While it Awaits FirstNet

October 12, 2016–While it waits for an announcement from the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) on a contract award, Rivada Networks LLC said today that it doesn’t plan to submit bids in response to requests for proposals (RFPs) released by states seeking alternatives to having FirstNet’s partner build their radio access networks (RANs).

“Building a national solution for first responders is and always has been Rivada’s top priority. Our goal is to see every state opt in to the NPSBN,” Rivada co-Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman Declan Ganley said in a statement. “Given how close we are to a FirstNet decision, we are going to wait until we receive that decision. Any future RFP responses will be based upon that. As we have told them directly, if we are FirstNet’s contractor, we will not respond to state RFPs unless FirstNet wants us to.”

Rivada is one of three entities known to have submitted a bid in response to FirstNet’s RFP, preparing a proposal on behalf of the Rivada Mercury consortium.

New Hampshire last month awarded a contract to Rivada to prepare an alternative state plan (TRDaily, Sept. 7). The states of and Alabama and Arizona have issued RFPs (RFP) to construct a public safety broadband network in case their governors decide to opt out of having the FirstNet’s partner construct their RANs (TRDaily, Sept. 20 and 29).

Proposals on the Arizona RFP are due Oct. 31, while bids on the Alabama RFP are due Oct. 24. FirstNet is expected to announce its contract by Nov. 1. Rivada had said it was reviewing the Alabama and Arizona RFPs “with interest.” – Paul Kirby, paul.kirby@wolterskluwer.com

Courtesy TRDaily