Motorola Seeks Recon of Part 90 Order

November 1, 2016–Motorola Solutions, Inc., has filed a petition for partial reconsideration of a part 90 FCC order released in August (TRDaily, Aug. 22). The order was adopted along with a further notice of proposed rulemaking. In its filing yesterday in PS dockets 13-87 and 06-229 and WT docket 96-86, Motorola said the FCC “should either postpone the effective date or, alternatively, suspend enforcement of the new rule provisions until complementary proposals affecting Section 90.548 that are subject of the Further Notice in this same proceeding are addressed in a future order.”

The filing continued, “Upon review of the record generated by the Further Notice, it is logical to conclude that there is a strong likelihood that the provisions of Section 90.548 will be amended in the near future to further refine and better detail the interoperability baseline feature sets necessary for operation on the defined 700 MHz interoperability channels. Motorola Solutions believes that the provisions of Section 2.1033(c)(20) requiring manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with Section 90.548 should not become effective until at least that time when the provisions of Section 90.548 are finalized.

Deferring implementation of that requirement until those feature sets are fully described will provide manufacturers with greater certainty on what features should be tested prior to commencing sales. It will also ensure that users will receive equipment with a more complete set of interoperability features necessary to ensure compatibility across all vendor product lines. Finally, deferring implementation of the Section 2.1033(c)(20) will enable the Commission to take a more holistic view on the implementation of its newly adopted policies with respect to CAP compliance, which are a significant departure from its past support for a voluntary program.” – Paul Kirby,

Courtesy TRDaily