MMF Proposes Equipment Compliance

December 8, 2016–The Mobile Manufacturers Forum has submitted proposals to the FCC to enable equipment manufacturers to self-declare compliance for devices that have a specific absorption rate (SAR) of 0.8 W/Kg or less.“MMF strongly urges the FCC to identify a category of devices where it will follow the EU’s lead and permit certification through SDoCs [self declarations of compliance],” MMF said in an ex parte filing yesterday in ET docket 15-170. “Devices with SAR values of 0.8 W/Kg or less would be ideal for such a pilot program.  Such a change both would remove unnecessary and time-consuming review procedures as well as improve the timeliness of approval of low SAR devices without a meaningful risk of non-compliance.”

MMF added that it “recognizes that FCC would be reluctant to make such a move without some additional safeguards. For that reason, [MMF] supports increased post-market surveillance for devices approved via SDoCs.  The most effective review of compliance is post-market review of devices that actually are found in the marketplace. MMF believes an effective post-market surveillance program can be structured to assure that the devices in the marketplace would remain at least as compliant – and probably more so – as under present procedures.”

Last year, the FCC adopted a notice of proposed rulemaking to update its rules for evaluating and approving RF devices (TRDaily, July 21, 2015). – Paul Kirby,

Courtesy TRDaily