Part 90 Petition Pleading Cycle Set

December 13, 2016–Oppositions are due Dec. 28 and replies Jan. 9, 2017 in PS dockets 13-87 and 06-229 and WT docket 96-86 in response to a Motorola Solutions, Inc., petition for partial reconsideration filed in late October (TRDaily, Nov. 1) of a part 90 FCC order released in August (TRDaily, Aug. 22). The order was adopted along with a further notice of proposed rulemaking. In its filing, Motorola said the FCC “should either postpone the effective date or, alternatively, suspend enforcement of the new rule provisions until complementary proposals affecting Section 90.548 that are subject of the Further Notice in this same proceeding are addressed in a future order.”

Courtesy TRDaily