Radio Club of America Announces New Wireless Women Section on Website

MINNEAPOLIS (January 5, 2017) – In an effort to encourage more participation of women and girls in the wireless industry, the Radio Club of America (RCA) has created a new section on the website called “Wireless Women” designed to assist women considering careers in wireless and encouraging girls to get involved with technology. Information includes resources such as “Notable Women in Wireless,” “RCA’s Vivian Carr Award,” “Professional Wireless Organizations for Women,” web resources for females of all ages interested in wireless, plus a list of universities with both an engineering focus and a significant female student population.

RCA President Tim Duffy said, “RCA has a long history of recognizing the achievements of women in wireless. Three former RCA presidents are women, and we have many female officers, directors, and committee members. We created the Vivian Carr award in 2014 to recognize women who have contributed significantly to the wireless industry, and Director Carole Perry has led RCA’s effort to educate youth about wireless for decades.”

“Thanks to the efforts of several of our female members including Secretary Margaret Lyons P.E., Executive Committee member and Marketing & Development Committee Chair Elaine Walsh, former RCA president Mercy Contreras, and others, we assembled information that might be useful to women or girls interested in wireless. We welcome additional ideas or input from the wireless community to help this section of our website become more useful.”

About RCA

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