AT&T Reports 700 MHz Interoperability Progress

January 13, 2017–In its latest progress report on 700 megahertz band interoperability, AT&T, Inc., has told the FCC that “there is near universal availability of Band 12 devices for smaller carriers and a plethora of new devices that have been introduced. In addition, carriers have continued to roll-out Voice over LTE service on 700MHz A-Block Spectrum.” The filing in WT docket 12-69 said that as of Jan. 10, “over 93% of the devices that operate on AT&T’s Lower 700MHz bands are Band 12 capable exceeding the requirement for the second year of the device roll-out period.” AT&T also said it “is supporting roaming on LTE Networks with a compatible 3G Networks and plans to expand this roaming into 2017. In addition, we plan to enable VoLTE Roaming for carriers with an incompatible 3G Network during the 2nd half of 2017.”

Courtesy TRDaily