Comments Sought on License Transfer

January 12, 2017–Petitions to deny are due Feb. 1, oppositions Feb. 8, and replies Feb. 15 in WT docket 16-387 on the transfer of a lower 700-megahertz band C-block license covering part of a market in Texas from XIT Telecommunication & Technology Ltd. to AT&T, Inc. “Our preliminary review indicates that AT&T would be assigned 12 megahertz of Lower 700 MHz C Block spectrum covering nine counties that account for approximately 78 percent of the population in Texas 2 – Hansford. Post-transaction, AT&T would hold 145 megahertz of spectrum in total, including 55 megahertz of below-1-GHz spectrum, in these nine counties,” according to a public notice released by the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. As a result, the agency will use its “enhanced factor” review, which is employed when a transaction would result in a carrier holding more than one-third of available spectrum below 1 gigahertz in a market.

Courtesy TRDaily