Vendors Invited to Participate in 911 Indoor Location Test Bed

February 3, 2017–The 9-1-1 Location Technologies Test Bed LLC today invited vendors of location accuracy technologies to participate in Stage 3 of the test bed. “Stages 1 and 2 of the Test Bed focused on verifying the indoor performance of existing or commercially available 9-1-1 location technologies. Stage 3 will now focus on location technologies in a variety of production-ready stages,” a news release noted. “The availability of Stage 3 demonstrates the wireless industry and public safety community’s commitment to considering how new technologies can continue to enhance the capabilities of our nation’s 9-1-1 system. Stage 3 testing is on schedule to occur in the San Francisco and Atlanta regions later this year. All test results are confidential to the test participants, but participants are encouraged to share summary results with wireless industry and public safety stakeholders who can evaluate the performance of various technologies.”

CTIA established the test bed pursuant to the indoor 911 location accuracy order that the FCC adopted in 2015 (TRDaily, Jan. 29, 2015). “Public safety is critically important to the wireless industry and consumers. We are working collaboratively with the public safety community to thoroughly evaluate new technologies under real-life conditions,” said Tom Sawanobori, vice president of the test bed entity. “We look forward to Stage 3 of the 9-1-1 location technology testing to support further innovation in emergency communications, including indoor location accuracy. We are pleased that this testing infrastructure is helping evaluate whether new communications technologies will improve 9-1-1 location accuracy and help first responders and consumers.”

Vendors that want to participate in Stage 3 of testing can visit or e-mail —Paul Kirby,

Courtesy TRDaily