FCC Seeks Comments on Signal Booster Petition

March 3, 2017–The FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau today solicited comments on a petition filed in December by Wilson Electronics LLC asking the agency to launch a further rulemaking to repeal or modify the personal-use restriction on consumer signal boosters (TRDaily, Dec. 21, 2016). “The personal-use restriction should be amended or repealed in a notice-and-comment rulemaking for two basic reasons. First, the Commission has never entertained public comments on the fundamental question of whether wireless subscribers should be limited to operating consumer boosters for personal use,” the company argued in its filing. “Second, and more problematic, the personal-use restriction does not provide clear and adequate notice of what conduct is possible.”

Wilson asked the FCC to replace the personal-use restriction with a mandate that wideband boosters have to be registered with multiple local service providers. It said that the action would not adversely impact wireless carriers. The FCC adopted new booster rules in 2013 (TRDaily, Feb. 20, 2013). It adopted a further notice of proposed rulemaking in 2014 (TRDaily, Sept. 23, 2014). 

“By this Public Notice, we seek comment on the Wilson Petition,” the Wireless Bureau said in a public notice today. “We also seek comment on whether this change to the rules would increase the risk of harmful interference to wireless networks; whether licensees (the wireless carriers) would retain sufficient control of their licensed spectrum under the proposal; and how the proposal would affect consumers, businesses, and public safety and other entities seeking to use consumer signal boosters. Finally, we seek comment regarding the benefits and costs of removing the personal use restriction on only wideband consumer signal boosters, on only provider-specific consumer signal boosters, or on both.”

Comments are due March 23 and replies April 3 in WT docket 10-4. – Paul Kirby, paul.kirby@wolterskluwer.com

Courtesy TRDaily