Articles of Interest on UAS

NYC Frefighters Use Drones To Put Out Fire. USA Today (3/8, Jansen) reports that the New York City Fire Department used a $85,000 drone equipped with high-definition and infrared cameras to help firefighters put out a four-alarm fire Monday in the Bronx. FDNY’s Operations Center Director Timothy Herlocker said in a statement, according to USA Today, that the drone “offered a good view of the roof while firefighters were opening vents and pouring water on the fire” and that the infrared camera revealed “hot spots that weren’t yet spouting flames.”

Pilots Urge Others To Be More Proactive In The Creation Of Drone Flight Regulations. The Denver Post (3/8, Chuang) reports that UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) pilots in Colorado are urging others within their community to be more proactive in shaping the future of UAS regulations in their state. Thomas J. Dougherty, a Denver attorney who specializes in UAS cases, said, “I believe there is a general consensus within the small unmanned aircraft industry, especially among users of small UAS for commercial purposes, that sensible regulations are necessary for the growth of the industry.” Dougherty also said that regulations that “promote the safe operation of small unmanned aircraft by all types of users will also help build public confidence in the technology and the industry.”