FCC Seeks Comment on 911 Waiver

March 8, 2017–The FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau today sought comment on a waiver request filed last month by Alaska-based Cordova Wireless Communications LLC (TRDaily, Feb. 6). The carrier is seeking a waiver of the FCC’s indoor 911 location accuracy order, “including the various reporting requirements, because the Public Safety Answering Point (‘PSAP’) served by Cordova currently is incapable of receiving and using indoor location data and Phase II Enhanced 911 (‘E911’) location data. Accordingly, Cordova requests a temporary waiver of the Commission’s indoor accuracy provision and reporting rules up to and until the PSAP served by Cordova is capable of receiving and using Phase II E911 location data.” Comments are due March 28 and replies April 12 in PS docket 07-114.

Courtesy TRDaily