Amateur Radio Petition Filed

April 10, 2017–Cord Davidson, an FCC licensed amateur radio operator, has filed a petition for rulemaking asking the Commission to expand the bands on which General class holders can operate. “Amateur radio operators are granted allocations in several bands in the high frequency radio spectrum (1.8 MHz to 30 MHz). Several of these bands are divided by license class; that is, parts of the individual bands are granted exclusive use to amateur radio operators based on their license class.

The purpose of this petition is to request the FCC reallocate frequency segments granted to holders of Advanced class and higher license holders to include General class license holders,” he noted. He said General class licensees should be permitted to operate on the 3.700-4.000 megahertz, 7.025-7.300 MHz, 14.175-14.350 MHz, and 21.225-21.450 MHz bands.

Courtesy TRDaily