FCC Issues Interference Notice to SNG

April 27, 2017–Region Two of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau has issued a notice of violation to Spectrum Network Group LLC in the wake of a complaint that its station in Miami caused interference to public safety communications in area. Agents in the bureau’s Miami office monitored transmissions in the wake of the complaint and observed drifting transmissions on frequencies not licensed to SNG.

“SNG personnel stated to an agent: (1) that its base station was first installed and powered up on March 20, 2017; (2) that apparently its base station transmitter was improperly set up to transmit on the mobile frequency instead of the base frequency; and (3) that an additional malfunction caused it to transmit the drifting signal on 810.25 MHz. Therefore, SNG apparently failed to operate its station WQYD321 according to the terms of its authorization,” the notice said “When SNG turned off its base station transmitter, the interfering signal ceased.” The agency is seeking additional information from SNG.

Courtesy TRDaily