Redl Draws Praise as Nominee to Head NTIA

May 17, 2017–FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, House lawmakers, and telecom industry entities praised the White House’s announcement last night that President Trump intends to nominate David Redl, chief Republican counsel for the House communications and technology subcommittee, to head the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. “David has been with the committee since 2011 and in that time he has been a valuable member of our team. David worked diligently to improve federal and commercial use of spectrum to meet the needs of ever-growing consumer demand for broadband services,” said Reps. Greg Walden (R., Ore.), Fred Upton (R., Mich.), and Marsha Blackburn (R., Tenn.), the respective current and former chairmen of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and chairman of the communications subcommittee. “David’s experience with the committee and his vast knowledge of communications law and policy makes him well suited to head the agency that will be at the forefront of promoting safe, secure communications networks, broadband deployment, and the efficient use of federally held spectrum.”

“David Redl is a superb choice to lead NTIA.  His extensive experience as Chief Counsel for Communications and Technology at the U.S. House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee makes him uniquely qualified to lead the agency charged with managing the spectrum held by the U.S. government,” Mr. Pai said today. “He is also a skillful expert in communications issues central to NTIA’s mission of ensuring that the Internet remains an engine for innovation and economic growth.  The FCC has long had a close partnership with NTIA, and I personally look forward to continuing that relationship with that agency under David’s leadership.”

“Many decisions made at NTIA, particularly regarding the use of spectrum, impact competition in the mobile ecosystem.  David’s broad knowledge and understanding of spectrum management and allocation make him an ideal candidate for the position, building upon years of service to the Energy and Commerce Committee and the wireless industry,” said Steve Berry, president and chief executive officer of the Competitive Carriers Association.

“He has served with distinction on Capitol Hill, where his extensive work on wireless, spectrum, and connectivity issues makes him uniquely qualified for this critical role. His nomination demonstrates the Administration’s recognition of the need to identify new spectrum opportunities and to continue driving the investment, innovation and job creation that makes America the world’s leader in mobile broadband,” said Meredith Attwell Baker, president and CEO of CTIA, where Mr. Redl worked as director-regulatory affairs before moving to the Hill.

“David Redl is an exceptional choice to serve as Assistant Secretary of Communications and Information and Administrator of NTIA, and we encourage Congress to quickly act on his nomination,” said NCTA President and CEO Michael Powell. “David has been immersed in telecommunications policy for years and brings significant knowledge and expertise to the important issues that NTIA will tackle in the coming years. We look forward to working with David and the Administration to continue charting a course that enables America to remain a global internet and communications leader.”

“NTIA plays a vital role in the future of mobile communications by encouraging broadband deployment. NTIA’s leadership in promoting the Internet of Things and providing more access to wireless spectrum is crucial to economic growth in communities across the country,” said Jonathan Adelstein, president and CEO of the Wireless Infrastructure Association. “Mr. Redl is an outstanding choice whose experience and keen understanding of the issues facing the wireless infrastructure industry make him an ideal policymaker to oversee this important agency. We strongly support this nomination and urge the Senate to act upon it quickly.”

“The Commerce Department can play a vital role in expanding access to broadband networks and the vast benefits they offer to our digital economy. David Redl is the right person, at the right time, to champion leading-edge innovation and investment in our nation’s broadband infrastructure,” said Jonathan Spalter, president and CEO of the U.S. Telecom Association. “We encourage the Senate to act swiftly in confirming him so he can begin the critical work of connecting Americans in all corners of the country to the promise and potential of broadband.”

“President Trump has made a great choice in tapping longtime Capitol Hill staffer David Redl to serve as the head of the NTIA,” said Incompas. “Experienced and substantive, Redl is well suited to the task of helping deploy America’s broadband networks, wired and wireless, to more American consumers and businesses. Redl’s grasp of spectrum policy will be an asset for the administration as they seek to build infrastructure and create jobs.”

Kathleen Ham, senior vice president-government affairs for T-Mobile US, Inc., tweeted congratulations to Mr. Redl, saying that she “can’t imagine more capable hands at the helm!”

“On the Hill, at the FCC or in the private sector, it’s always been about spectrum for David Redl, and WifiForward congratulates him on his nomination to NTIA Administrator,” said the group. “With more than eight billion Wi-Fi devices in use around the globe, Americans need balanced telecommunications policies that will make more spectrum available to support emerging technologies and spur economic growth. We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with Mr. Redl on freeing up more spectrum for both licensed and unlicensed technologies.”

“We congratulate David Redl on his nomination to serve as the next administrator of NTIA,” said NTCA CEO Shirley Bloomfield. “The broad depth of his telecommunications policy expertise, gained from roles in both the private sector and on Capitol Hill, make him highly qualified to lead the NTIA. We look forward to working with him once he’s confirmed to ensure that all Americans can enjoy the benefits of robust communications networks.”

“WTA has worked with David over the years in his position at the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and we look forward to continuing this relationship should he be confirmed to lead NTIA,” said Derrick Owens, WTA’s vice president-government affairs. “David’s professionalism and knowledge of the many telecommunications issues will serve the agency well.”

“As the top communications and technology counsel in Congress, David Redl has been a leading advocate for an open, transparent, representative, and accountable multistakeholder model for the Internet’s governance and growth,” said the Internet Governance Coalition. “It is vital that the United States continue its active global leadership in supporting a free, open, secure, and stable Internet, and no one is better suited to fill that role from day one than Mr. Redl. Indeed, the NTIA Administrator position needs to be filled quickly given the fast-approaching International Telecommunication Union (ITU) meetings and other events that could have a substantial impact on a wide range of Internet-related issues, including the upcoming 2017 ITU Council and World Telecommunication Development Conference.” —Paul Kirby,

Courtesy TRDaily