Carrier Seeks Indoor 911 Waiver

May 23, 2017–TelAlaska Cellular, Inc., a small wireless carrier, has filed a petition for a temporary waiver of the FCC’s indoor 911 location accuracy rules. In its filing yesterday in PS docket 07-114, TelAlaska “requests that the Commission waive the indoor accuracy requirements and various reporting requirements, because no public safety answering points (‘PSAPs’) or State Trooper offices with responsibility for TCI’s service area have requested Phase II Enhanced 911 (‘E911’) service, and none are capable of receiving or utilizing Phase II location or indoor location data. As a result, TCI has neither procured nor installed the equipment and services necessary to generate Phase II ALI or indoor location data, and it would be a meaningless waste of scarce resources with no public interest benefit for the Company to comply with indoor location standards and reporting requirements of Rule Section 20.18(i) in the absence of a capable PSAP.”

Courtesy TRDaily