NBC Nightly News Reports: UAVs Seen as a Disruption to Emergency Services Across the Country

NBC Nightly News (7/4, story 6, 2:10, Alexander) aired a report on how disruptive recreational UAVs have become to commercial airlines, firefighters, and first responders. According to NBC Nightly News, officials “say recreational drones are a growing problem for fire commanders across the country, with at least 50 incidents over the last two years alone.”

CNBC Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (7/4) reports “drone-related near-misses with commercial aircraft in the U.S. rose by 46 percent from 2015 to 2016” and there have been “several reported incidents of drones coming within close range of people, high-profile buildings, events, and aircraft.” CNBC adds that while “law enforcement and regulation on drones has proven difficult for authorities, some are looking to raising awareness through education and other means to quell the number of incidents.”