CTIA Questions NAB Repacking Study

CTIA has questioned a study commissioned by the National Association of Broadcasters on the impact on FM radio stations of the repacking of TV stations in the wake of the incentive auction. “This study contains no technical analysis and lacks a credible basis for its estimate of FM stations that will be affected by the repack,” CTIA said in a statement. “The FCC has already examined this issue and taken steps to minimize the impact to FM stations. We remain committed to working collaboratively to complete the repacking process and achieve the 39-month transition.”

NAB noted that it commissioned the “study to determine which FM radio stations are likely to need to coordinate with TV stations making adjustments following the incentive auction. This analysis identifies 678 FM stations that may need to reduce power, shut down, or operate from an auxiliary facility as work is being done on a neighboring TV station antenna to ensure tower worker safety from radio frequency exposure.”

NAB submitted the study to the FCC July 6 in GN docket 12-268 and MB docket 16-306. It was prepared by V-Soft Communications LLC.- Paul Kirby, paul.kirby@wolterskluwer.com

Courtesy TRDaily