Input Sought on VRS Interoperability Recon Petition

The FCC’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau is seeking comment on a petition filed by Sorenson Communications LLC for partial reconsideration of the video relay service (VRS) interoperability order adopted by the agency earlier this year.  “Specifically, Sorenson requests that CGB reconsider the decision to require VRS providers to comply with the RUE Profile for communications with end-points using the Accessible Communications for Everyone (ACE) Application (ACE App).

In the alternative, Sorenson requests that the deadline for provider compliance with the RUE Profile be suspended until certain alleged problems with the RUE Profile and the ACE App are resolved and a certified-compliant ACE App is available for testing. Sorenson also asks CGB to address its assertion that the RUE Profile and the ACE App rely on Sorenson patents and require appropriate licensing arrangements,” the bureau said in a public notice released July 7.  Oppositions to the petition will be due 15 days after publication of a notice in the “Federal Register.”  Replies to oppositions will be due 10 days after oppositions are due in CG dockets 10-51 and 03-123.

Courtesy TRDaily